Bidding for the throne

The bidding war for your vote is on.  Federal political parties have prepared a host of special treats.  This fall it will be up to us to decide which of the treats we prefer.  More precisely, it will be up to middle class voters, as they, in particular, are being aggressively tempted and solicited with these delicious goodies.  Moreover, they are being led to believe that their very existence is being threatened by the evil upper class, that they need a saviour, and that only a government of a precise political stripe, and with a particular brand of treat, can be their true Robin Hood.  The throne is what they want, and in exchange, they are offering the candy of cheques and social programs.

“Candy” is not what politicians call it of course.  “It is medicine”, they claim, and apparently it tastes great.  The problem, however, is that while political parties simultaneously claim to be sole vendors of the cure for the middle class, they also claim that their opponent’s medicine is poison.  So then, how are we to make sense of this?  Which of these is in fact the cure?  Which of these will prevent the middle class from disappearing?  The truth, I’m afraid, is that while the sugar-coated “medicine” may taste good, and while it may even give a delightful little buzz, it is actually keeping us sick.

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